Coast Safe Electrical Tagging provides efficient and reliable electrical testing and tagging, fire safety training and security services.
 We can program your fire panel, install smoke detectors and much more.
 Our experienced team are committed to helping you keep your premises well protected from fires by providing you with efficient equipment and practical training .

At Coast Safe Electrical Tagging, we stock products from leading fire protection brands Ampac, Firebox, Flamestop and Notifier. Hose reels, fire blankets, extinguishers and more are sold and serviced by our professionals.

 We also provide comprehensive appliance testing.

When you choose Coast Safe Electrical Tagging, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family and assets are afforded the optimum fire safety. Our training covers all the essentials of fire safety, and we will ensure you receive the best fire detection and protection systems for your property type.

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 CSET Group Pty Director 
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