Fire Equipment

Portable Fire Extinguishers


CSET supply and service all types of portable fire extinguishers, including:                                                             
  • Dry Chemical Powder (ABE & BE types)
  • Carbon Dioxide C02
  • Air Foam
  • Air Water
  • Wet Chemical
  • Mobile Trolley Mounted Extinguishers (ABE, AFFF & CO2).
  • Call us on  0430 334962  to arrange a free site evaluation today.
  • We offer highly competitive service rates and confident, FPA accredited services, and will ensure you meet the requirements for your building.
  After we have completed your servicing, we will prepare your annual fire safety statement for you. 

  Heavy Duty Vehicle Bracket
We also supply a full range of accessories, including protective cover bags and vehicle brackets.


Fire Detection Systems Supplied and Installed To your Bussiness Needs